Settlor Integrates With Several Underwriters

October 26, 2023

Settlor announced integrations with several underwriters, including Fidelity, First American, Old Republic and Stewart. The integrations enable title professionals to seamlessly leverage Settlor for their underwriter needs without having to leave the platform.

“Our singular goal with Settlor is to bring simplicity, clarity, and personalization to the experience of consummating real estate transactions. We are committed to delivering integrations that further streamline workflows and functionality for our customers and their users,” said John E. Freyer, Jr., co-founder and president of Settlor. “We are proud to add these valued industry partners to the Settlor platform.”

While First American was the first underwriter to integrate with Settlor for policy jackets and Closing Protection Letters (CPLs), Settlor now offers a complete remittance integration to simplify the entire process between First American and its agents on the Settlor platform.

As of today, Stewart, Old Republic and Fidelity (including all Fidelity brands) are all now integrated with Settlor, allowing title agents to generate and void policy jackets and CPLs directly without leaving the Settlor platform. All integrations utilize the same workflow within Settlor so users can have a simple and consistent experience. Additional underwriter features include mapping of products and endorsements to unique underwriter codes for easy administration, reporting, and remittance. 

“At Settlor, we work hand-in-hand with our integration partners to ensure that our customers have a successful and frictionless experience when administering and accessing third-party applications on the Settlor platform,” Freyer said. “With Settlor having originated from within a large title agency, our team appreciates that every title company possesses their own distinct workflows that enable them to perform for their customers, and so we at Settlor strive to deliver innovative, customized solutions that empower efficiency and simplicity without sacrificing uniqueness.”

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