InspectHOA Unveils Municipal Lien Search Offering

September 7, 2023

InspectHOA has launched a new municipal lien search package.

The solution identifies any management companies involved, communicating directly with municipalities and getting written confirmations of lien reports. The company also provides an accuracy guaranty. InspectHOA said it delivers all documents within an average of three days from receiving the order.

The introduction of the search solution follows on the heels of InspectHOA’s recent mortgage payoffs service launch. Both join the company’s flagship HOA service.

“With the municipal lien search solution, we are moving forward in our efforts to accelerate real estate transactions across the nation,” said Anton Tonev, co-founder of InspectHOA. “Locating municipal liens, especially unrecorded liens, can be a nightmare for title companies. We combine outstanding professional service, leading technology and clear communications to eliminate the roadblocks and allow our clients to redeploy their staff to more worthwhile tasks like client experience.”

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