SoftPro Integrates With Fifth Third Bank

July 18, 2023

SoftPro has integrated its SoftPro Banking platform with Fifth Third Bank National Association for managing wire transfers. The integration will also support the delivery of Positive Pay files between SoftPro users and Fifth Third Bank.

SoftPro Banking enables SoftPro Select users to securely initiate wire transactions for processing via the integration with Fifth Third Bank. Similarly, users can also seamlessly receive incoming wires into their corresponding SoftPro ledger.

“The SoftPro Banking integration with Fifth Third expands the network of lenders with whom SoftPro customers are able to securely send and receive wire transfers,” said Patrick Hempen, SoftPro chief customer officer. “The secure exchange of funds in a real estate transaction is a critical component of title and escrow systems, and we are pleased to provide this integration with Fifth Third to our customers.”

Through SoftPro Banking’s security permission features, specific users can be designated as “approvers” for outgoing wires with the ability to establish approval limits for those designated approvers. A SoftPro Banking user also can search incoming wires by numerous fields before approving or rejecting transactions. Approved wires are seamlessly receipted to the appropriate, designated ledger.

“The automation of wire activity as well as check positive pay decisioning not only decreases the number of steps needed, but reduces errors due to rekeying and manual work,” said Larry Chapman, vice president and financial institutions group treasury management team lead for Fifth Third Bank.

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