Cross River Bank, Paymints Partner to Improve Payment Process

June 6, 2023

Technology infrastructure provider Cross River Bank has partnered with, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, to help provide transparency and security to the entire payment process to further the mission of eliminating paper checks and reducing fraud for partners and customers.

"As a leader in modernizing payments, we are thrilled to join forces with to transform the real estate payment landscape," said Keith Vander Leest, head of payments at Cross River. "By combining our expertise in payments, compliance, and financial technology, with the team’s deep expertise in real estate, property and title insurance, we are advancing the way funds are handled in real estate transactions and ensuring a seamless and secure experience for all parties involved. It’s niche B2B verticals, like real estate, that have outdated payment processes which are ripe for innovation. These verticals are where Cross River works with partners, like, to drive better, more efficient payment experiences."

The partnership between Cross River and provides stakeholders involved in real estate transactions—including buyers, sellers, agents and escrow holders—with a payment platform that enables them to move money in line with individual preferences.

Stakeholders on the platform can track funds in real-time and verify transactions.

“The innovation of digital payments for real estate is still at the early stages,” said Jason Doshi, CEO of “And our partnership with Cross River enables us to continue to build the modern payment experience the real estate industry so desperately needs to make the transfer of funds as safe, convenient and secure as possible.”

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