SoftPro Releases New App for Real Estate Closings

May 25, 2023

SoftPro released a new real estate closings communication portal to provide all authorized parties involved in a transaction access to order status, documents and milestones.

ClosingsLIVE replaces SoftPro’s first-generation SoftPro LIVE portal giving settlement agents what their clients and all transaction parties demand—secure, 24/7 access to the status, related events and documents for their closing. ClosingsLIVE is available on desktop and a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

Push notifications can be sent via the ClosingsLIVE app directly to users’ phones when an order is first shared, when a particular milestone or document is updated and when an order is closed. ClosingsLIVE provides access to order details such as the property address and map, buyer and seller names, settlement date and recently completed milestones.

“ClosingsLIVE is a gamechanger app for SoftPro customers and the clients they serve,” said Patrick Hempen, chief customer officer of SoftPro. “We live in a world where people demand immediate, around-the-clock access to their data, and ClosingsLIVE is a tool that allows settlement agents to securely manage and share order data with their clients and other parties in the transaction, giving them a competitive advantage in a tight marketplace.”

ClosingsLIVE can also be branded, giving SoftPro customers more marketing visibility to their clients and service partners. A mobile user working with multiple SoftPro customers can quickly identify orders by the settlement agents’ branding within the app. For example, a real estate agent may have multiple properties in process with more than one settlement agent. Within the ClosingsLIVE app, the agent can differentiate orders by the respective settlement agent’s branding and can view and reply to messages across all their orders from multiple settlement agents. That same real estate agent can also access a feed that shows the latest activity across all of their properties in one quick view. App users can also customize their view to display different levels of details and can even sort orders by open date, closing date, milestone and more. ClosingsLIVE lets the settlement agent easily and efficiently manage their real estate closings directly from the app on their phone.

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