Stewart Launches National Examined Search Product for Agents

April 4, 2023

Stewart Information Services Corp. is now offering a national production service for title agents through ASK Services.

Stewart acquired ASK in March 2021. Since then, the companies have built an integrated title production offering supporting agents across the country.

“This new national production offering is a significant investment in our independent agent customers, allowing them to take full advantage of a team of experienced search and exam professionals at the local level,” said Tara Smith, group president for Stewart Agency Services. “The ASK brand has a strong reputation for quality and expertise, and as part of our commitment to becoming the premier underwriter for independent title agents, Stewart and ASK have been working thoughtfully to expand our ability to offer a national examined search product.”

ASK’s integrated examined search product lets Stewart trusted providers submit and retrieve title search data and documents without leaving their title production systems. Stewart's National Order Desk serves as a single point of contact for order placement, file status or information about examined search reports. Agents can place orders for examined search products via integration within their title production software platform, directly through Stewart’s Orders Gateway software or email to the National Order Desk.

“Our service offering is fully integrated with a number of production systems, creating a seamless end user experience,” said Lael Bryant, president of ASK Services. “For more than 30 years ASK has always put our customer’s needs first when building products and offerings, and since joining Stewart we have been able to enhance and expand our title production capabilities and underwriter technology solutions, making quality and ease-of-use our top priority.”

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