WFG Lender Services Launches Rapid Legal and Vesting Service

March 28, 2023

WFG National Title Insurance Co. expanded its instant title solution suite to include rapid legal and vesting services.

The DecisionPoint Rapid Legal and Vesting Service provides home equity lenders with fully automated legal and vesting reports—including a recordable legal description from a property’s last full-value transfer and verified vesting information from the most recent deed. Delivered as quickly as 30 minutes from request through the company’s proprietary Valutrust platform, the legal and vesting offering is available to all lenders and features expedited account setup and standardized data delivery. This enables lenders to sign up and obtain needed property-related information quickly and efficiently, according to WFG.

“Home equity transactions are incredibly time-sensitive, with borrowers looking to access money quickly to fund home repairs, improvements, and other immediate expenses,” according to Dan Bailey, senior vice president of WFG Lender Services. “The revenue profile for home equity transactions is very different as well, with lenders picking up most or all of the origination costs. For this reason, it’s imperative for us to deliver accurate, high-quality products quickly and at a price point that makes sense for lenders.”

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