Stewart Acquires AccountChek

March 7, 2023

Informative Research (IR), a subsidiary of Stewart Information Services Corp., acquired the AccountChek platform previously offered by FormFree. AccountChek is a digital verification of asset, income and employment service that drives insight into a consumer’s financial profile and is available to customers through multiple channels.

“At Stewart, we are continually investing in our capabilities to better serve customers,” said Fred Eppinger, Stewart CEO. "We view improving consumer financial equity, including homeownership, as a key part of the work that we do, across all our business lines. IR’s vision through the combined platform is to simplify the lending process and improve closing ratios.”

The combined IR platform and AccountChek platform creates a single solution to digitally verify consumer financial data, including credit, income, employment, and assets. The solution will allow customers to streamline their loan underwriting process, efficiently qualify borrowers, improve closing ratios, and expand access to mortgage credit.

“We’re leaving AccountChek in great hands, and we look forward to continued partnership with IR during our next chapter as we work to create new avenues for lenders to responsibly serve credit invisibles and other underserved populations,” said FormFree Founder and CEO Brent Chandler.

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