Indecomm Expands E-recording Capability

January 17, 2023

Indecomm recently announced that it has increased the number of jurisdictions where it offers e-recording services.

The company now offers electronic capabilities in 1,900 jurisdictions. In some jurisdictions, Indecomm reports it can process documents in as little as 12 days. These accelerated turnaround times significantly reduce human error, lost documents and manual paper handling, all of which translate to on-time recordings and fewer recording fees and fines.

“Indecomm is committed to giving its clients the most streamlined and simplified document recording experience in the market,” said Venkatasubramanian (KVS) Krishnan, executive vice president of global operations at Indecomm. “Integrating with such a large number of digitally friendly jurisdictions to Indecomm’s service will allow our clients to electronically record 70-80% of their documents, saving time, money, and resources.”

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