Title Company President Uses Employee Engagement Survey to Strategize Growth Plans

December 7, 2021

Workers in the U.S. resigned from a record 4.4 million jobs in September. Many Americans are leaving roles for better working conditions and pay. One way to stave off being impacted by the Great Resignation is through better employee engagement.

Business leaders—and employees as well—understand that healthy and happy work environments spur people to produce better results.

Roselyn Langiansese, president of Summit Title Services in Bedford, N.H., has first-hand experience of the benefits of understanding the level of her employees’ engagement. Her company recently participated in a program ALTA offers through a relationship with the employee engagement firm DecisionWise. The company measures and improves employee engagement by turning feedback into results, allowing you to attract talent, retain top performers and build a better workplace.

Through the DecisionWise survey, Langiansese was able to get feedback from the company’s 50 employees who handle the day-to-day duties. The survey is anonymous, “so everyone felt comfortable participating,” according to Langiansese.

“I was able to use what we learned to improve our processes and honestly to just show everyone that we care about their working environment and always aiming to make it better,” she added.

Langiansese said the process was simple. Questions were geared toward everyone in the company and broken down by department, duties of each employee and pay structure. Each department was surveyed as long as there was a certain number of employees in that group to maintain anonymity.

With all the changes on the horizon technology could bring, Langianese believes surveying employees is helpful to see where to place existing teammates and what positions you may need to hire for. It could also aid in understanding personalities that may be needed to handle positions from sales to computers and technology.

“Taking all that into consideration, I’ve also been able to use the results to strategize how we can put our team to work with the new tools and technology that will be available to us,” Langianese said.

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