Title Success Solutions Partners With Bowe Digital to Assist M&A Clients

August 31, 2021

Bowe Digital has established a strategic alliance with Title Success Solutions to provide comprehensive, expert services to help companies navigate the mergers and acquisitions market.

Through the arrangement, Title Success Solutions will rebrand as “Title Success – Powered by Bowe Digital.” By coming together, the companies will leverage their business development and marketing expertise to provide services to title and real estate companies looking to be buyers or sellers in the near future.

Title Success is a venture spearheaded by industry veterans Marcus Hunt and Pat Smith that works with title company stakeholders across the country who are either trying to exit the industry or expand business through mergers or acquisitions. Bowe Digital is a marketing firm founded by Wayne Stanley in 2017 after he worked at ALTA.

“By bringing on the expertise and experience of Pat and Marcus officially into the fold, we can together provide unmatched knowledge in resources when it comes to buying or selling in this great industry,” Stanley said. “Bowe Digital already has been successful in helping clients achieve their growth goals, and now we have two well-respected professionals who have the same track record on the operations side of the business.”

Hunt added, “Pat and I have already proven what Title Success Solutions provides to our clients is effective when it comes to buying and selling in this industry. Now, we have the power of Bowe Digital behind us. Its innovative team will assist our clients before, during and after any sale and also highlight to our future prospects why bringing the Title Success team on board is the right move when it comes to maximizing both interest and value.”

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