Flueid Expands Platform to Fuel Purchase Transactions

August 31, 2021

Flueid launched a pilot program to apply its digital title search process to purchase transactions.

The company launched its Flueid Decision platform in 2020 to help expedite real estate transactions. Used primarily on refinances, Flueid will now apply its digital process to enhance traditional search and examination reviews for purchases.

“Solving for purchase was always the next evolution of our business,” said Peter Richter, co-founder and president of Flueid. “Using traditional and nontraditional data sources and logic, we proved Flueid Decision’s model with refinances, centralizing and automating title clearance decisions in less than a minute. Now we can apply the model to purchase to deliver the data and insights needed to nearly eliminate any title related hurdles or slowdowns for closing while also providing our partners with greater control and cost savings in their business.”

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