RamQuest Integrates With United Tax Services

August 11, 2021

RamQuest announced its Closing Market digital network is now integrated with United Tax Services.

RamQuest’s Closing Market digital network is an application-to-application interface that integrates diverse systems and enables each participant to work from their own software. United Tax Services is a nationwide provider of property tax services.

“Our business flourishes based upon the relationships we forge with our customers and vendor partners, and United Tax Services is thrilled about our new partnership with RamQuest,” said Chris Flynn, CEO of United Tax Services. “This new synergy allows UTS to bring our property tax expertise to RamQuest users in all 50 states and continue to build our success on the ability to provide a streamlined solution in an ever-changing real estate climate.”

RamQuest’s Closing Market digital network electronically connects business partners, enabling them to order, exchange and market products and services required in the real estate closing process.

“We’re excited to bring this integration with United Tax Services to our customers and make it quicker and easier for them to facilitate their property tax service needs,” said Laura Mowrer, senior vice president of product management at RamQuest.

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