FNF Launches Notary Platform to Enhance Digital Closing Experience

July 29, 2021

Fidelity National Financial (FNF) announced the launch of its Notarize inHere platform and the expansion of its digital closing services team to enhance the experience for consumers and real estate professionals involved in real estate transactions.

As states continue to pass legislation permitting the use of video and online technologies to support remote notarization, Fidelity said in a release it is imperative the same level of service, security and integrity relied upon during in-person notarial acts is carried over to online transactions.

"The concern with existing online notarization services is that, without the proper controls and security measures in place, these solutions introduce risk into the transaction that threatens the insurability of the property, increases the liability of the owner and lender, and reduces marketability," said Mike Nolan, president of FNF. "As the largest family of title insurance companies, FNF has created Notarize inHere to stand up to the rigorous service and security standards we have always placed on our settlement services. Notarize inHere provides the service, protection and insurability our clients and policyholders have come to expect in a way that increases flexibility and convenience without introducing risk."

Notarize inHere is embedded within FNF's inHere Experience Platform, which makes starting, tracking, notarizing and closing the purchase, sale or refinance of a residential property more efficient. The technology allows consumers to have their documents notarized via a remote online notary video session leveraging the proprietary inHere solution and experience.

In addition to the Notarize inHere technology, FNF offers expert digital closing services to clients and consumers participating in online notarization. This team of digital signing specialists is available to assist all parties through their digital closing and online notarization.

"There are several online notary services available, and those are fine for some documents," said Roger Jewkes, FNF’s chief operating officer. "But, when it comes to the purchase, sale, or refinancing of a consumer's single biggest financial asset, it is important to engage with a trusted online notarization solution. Notarize inHere and our Digital Closing Services are designed by our title insurance experts, tested by our closing and settlement professionals, and backed by the largest title underwriters in North America. This ensures a level of trust from the very beginning of the online notarization process that you can't find anywhere else."

Notarize inHere is now available and being utilized by FNF operations closing transactions in all 30 online notarization approved states

Notarize inHere allows consumers to have their documents notarized via a remote online notary video session. Notaries whose services are available through the platform are approved by one of the FNF Family of Title Companies.

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