X1 Analytics and Title Data Partner to Expedite Title Production in Texas

July 28, 2021

X1 Analytics and Title Data Inc. recently announced an integration that expedites title production in Texas.

Licensed title companies in Texas that subscribe to Title Data’s title plants will have access to the X1 Xpress data analytics engine to accelerate title production in the state.

Title Data provides geographically posted title plant indices, document images and maps covering the major metropolitan and surrounding areas throughout Texas. Texas is a plant law state and requires title companies to subscribe to a title plant provider approved by the Texas Department of Insurance and the title agent’s underwriters. A title company must run a 25-year geographic title plant search on every insured transaction.

“Title Data, with its long history, proven track record, and reputation for high quality data is a perfect partner for X1 Analytics, and we are excited to work with them to continue our mission of digitizing title across the country,” said Mary O’Donnell, president of X1 Analytics. “TDI’s data combined with X1’s proprietary analytics engine will help expedite title and accelerate closings for the mortgage and settlement service industries in Texas.”

Kevin Gugenheim, president and CEO of Title Data, added, “Along with ensuring that we maintain our history of having the highest quality title plant in the state of Texas, we are 100% focused on providing our customers with the most user-friendly and efficient process for their title search and examination. We are impressed with the success and impact X1 has had on our industry, expediting title on millions of transactions across the country. We are pleased to partner with X1 Analytics to create additional efficiencies in the title production process. The combination of Title Data’s robust plant data embedded within the X1 Xpress workflow creates tremendous opportunities for our mutual customers.”

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