Radian Unveils New Portal to Aid Purchase Title Insurance, Closing Services

June 15, 2021

Radian debuted a new direct-to-consumer service that provides a transparent and secure way to order title insurance and closing services online.

Titlegenius, which is being offered in Florida as of now, provides consumers access to Radian’s blockchain-enabled online portal that allows them to shop for title and closing services. The portal provides tools that range from remote check capture to online notarization.

“By leveraging our emerging breakthrough digital solutions including our innovative property intelligence engine, patent-pending title solution on blockchain, and lead generation technology all powered by big data, analytics and artificial intelligence, we believe homegenius by Radian is poised to become a full-service solution that will finally deliver the long overdue innovation the real estate marketplace has been waiting for,” said Eric Ray, chief digital officer for Radian.

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