National Integrity Title Agency Unveils AI ‘Superhero’

June 9, 2021

New Jersey-based National Integrity Title Agency has deployed a conversational artificial intelligence-powered technology designed to manage routine and recurring conversations with clients without the need for human involvement.

What the title agency calls “Robin,” the technology is a custom-branded version of “Alanna,” which was developed by the Texas-based firm The technology helps title agencies collect information, field routine questions and engage in recurring conversations with real estate agents, homebuyers and sellers via SMS text or web chat.

“Exceptional client service is our mission,” said George Dufield, Sr., CEO and co-owner of National Integrity Title Agency. “Robin handles the typical questions or information requests that staffers need to manage hundreds of times a month, allowing our team to focus on smoother, faster closings. Our clients are satisfied with their conversations with Robin, and our staff is free to spend more time and focus on things like customer interaction on more complex issues or, simply doing what it takes to produce a trouble-free closing.” claims the technology has resolved up to 97% of a typical title agency’s inbound emails and phone calls without requiring human involvement.

“Title agents have told us again and again that, especially at the end of the month, they struggle to actually get closings done because they are inundated with recurring—yet important—calls and emails with questions like ‘When is my closing scheduled?’ or ‘What do I need to bring with me?’ said Hoyt Mann, president of “These are important questions, and important to exceptional customer service, but we’ve found that when people can get the information they’re seeking 24/7 via text or web chat and their inquiry is satisfied completely, they’re perfectly happy interacting with a conversational AI assistant instead of a person. And they’re even more satisfied when closings happen as quickly as they possibly can because the title agency is not spending its time on the phone or sending emails. In that sense, Robin is a customer service superhero.”

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