SoftPro Integrates With CertifID

May 25, 2021

SoftPro announced the release of an integration with CertifID, a digital identity and device verification solution that prevents wire fraud.

The integration allows settlement agents to send, confirm or collect wiring instructions for secure transfers through the SoftPro 360 business exchange portal.

CertifID validates the credentials of parties in a transaction and securely shares bank details. The integration with SoftPro eliminates manual processes and callback procedures and is backed by up to $1 million in direct insurance coverage on every wire transfer.

“Security of data and client monies is at the forefront of our customers’ minds and critical in their delivery of settlement services, and SoftPro is pleased to offer this new integration with CertifID to that end,” said Patrick Hempen, SoftPro chief customer officer. “Any part that SoftPro can play in the security of funds is a high priority in eliminating the horror stories of wire fraud.”

A free tool to SoftPro users, SoftPro 360 allows users to order third-party products and services from a nationwide network of vendors. The secure transfer and sharing of data allowed by SoftPro 360 eliminates errors resulting from rekeying of data and saves time by eliminating phone calls.

"Wire fraud is the number one issue facing the title industry today," said Thomas Cronkright, CEO and co-founder of CertifID. “Last year, cyber-crime saw a 69% increase, according to the FBI’s recent report, and real estate transactions are a prime target for wire fraud scams. Our integration with SoftPro provides a simple and secure way to make wiring funds safe and efficient."

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