NYSLTA Kicks Off 100th Anniversary With Virtual Food Drive

April 6, 2021

The New York State Land Title Association (NYSLTA) kicked off its 100th anniversary celebration with the “Feeding Our Neighbors” fundraiser—a statewide virtual food drive. NYSLTA members will be donating to Feeding America Foodbanks on Long Island, New York City, Westchester and Rochester. Over the next year, NYSLTA will celebrate its anniversary with commemorative events, including a series of interviews with past association presidents to provide testimony to what NYSTLA has done for the title industry.

“NYSLTA and its Charitable Works Committee are proud to be hosting this virtual food drive in honor of our 100th anniversary, as we continue to use our resources to aid communities across the State,” said Kathy Roper, chair of the NYSLTA Charitable Works Committee. “Food insecurity is at an all-time high, and NYSTLA is pleased to work with the Feeding America network of foodbanks to help combat this scourge that effects families throughout New York.”

Bob Treuber, executive vice president for NYSLTA, added “We are incredibly excited to kick off our year-long celebration of NYSLTA’s 100th anniversary with the Feeding Our Neighbors fundraiser to help combat food insecurity. Over the course of the next year, we will be celebrating the association’s 100th anniversary and are looking forward to hosting a number of commemorative events.”

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