TitleTap Launches Hub to Ease Business Solution Integrations on Websites

March 30, 2021

TitleTap launched a new service making it easier for title and settlement companies to integrate business solutions on their websites.

With TitleTap’s HUB, industry partners and the TitleTap team establish pre-approved content, implementation processes and points of contact, allowing the customer to initiate the process of adding features and benefits from the desired solution.  This can save the customer and industry partner time, while delivering more utilization on investment.

“For most of our customers, maximizing their technology investments can be challenging given the lack of time in this busy market, we wanted an easy way to deliver more value in less time,” said Dean Collura, chief executive officer of TitleTap. 

Customers looking to add new solutions or features to their website typically involve a triangle of communication between the customer, the industry partner and the website provider. Collura said this results in an exchange of multiple emails, coordination and time for all involved.

“Whether you are looking to add a portal for a customer to check the status of their file, have a marketing page with the features and benefits from your processing system, or give the consumer online options to submit their deposit, the HUB will have multiple options to help our customers streamline operations from their website in addition to expanding what makes them different when marketing for business,” Collura added.

Categories in the HUB include solutions such as title agent transaction management, attorney practice management, online payments, calculators, chat, scheduling, video engagement and lead generation.

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