AccuTitle Partners With TitleTap to Automate Marketing

March 11, 2021

AccuTitle has integrated its technology platforms with TitleTap’s automated marketing services.

To help drive new business through automation, all three of AccuTitle’s title management platforms (TitleFusion, Closers’ Choice and Landtech) are now integrated with TitleTap to offer “Automatic Reviews” functionality. This feature allows customers to generate emails to predefined parties soliciting feedback on their experience. Customers have a wide range of flexibility in determining the timing, content and recipients of the emails, and ultimately what is posted online.

“We believe this hands-off functionality will both bolster positive online reviews for our clients, and give the feedback required for improvement,” said CEO Bill Bartzak. “One of the only differentiators in this industry is the customer experience, so candid feedback can be valuable.”

While title agents recognize positive reviews are important, developing a consistent strategy to get them can be a challenge.

TitleTap CEO, Dean Collura stated, “We are excited about the partnership with AccuTitle and how this functionality will benefit agents on their platforms. We have seen agents get amazing results when a manual process like gathering feedback and marketing positive reviews can be automated especially at certain milestones of the transaction."

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