PRIA Co-brands ALTA Redaction Resources

February 23, 2021

Redaction is intended to shield the location and other personal information of individuals with recognized safety concerns from being accessible through documents contained in the public land records. While there is a need to shield protected classes with recognized privacy concerns, that need must be addressed in a way that does not impede normal business activities.

ALTA and the Property Records Industry (PRIA) have combined efforts to publish several documents to aid members facing redaction legislation statutes in their states.

The resources are designed to help members navigate conversation about these issues with state lawmakers and other stakeholders involved in redaction discussions. While legislators may be well-intended in wanting to provide protection to vulnerable populations, they frequently do not have all the information they need to consider the short-and-long-term consequences of redaction laws, nor do they consider the cost involved in redacting public records.

The co-branded resources include:

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