SoftPro Integrates With SearchCONNECT

February 18, 2021

The SoftPro 360 business exchange platform is now integrated with SearchCONNECT, an affiliate of Investors Title and National Investors that provides search solutions in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

SoftPro users can place online orders for SearchCONNECT’s title search and policy-typing solutions directly through their SoftPro software.

“Expediting orders electronically for SearchCONNECT products gives SoftPro customers an advantage in productivity that is always at the forefront of our customer-experience goals,” said Patrick Hempen, SoftPro’s chief customer officer. “By using the built-in capabilities of SoftPro 360, our customers gain efficiencies in placing, processing, and tracking services they order without repetitive data entry.”

SearchCONNECT provides a wide range of search, document-retrieval and policy-typing solutions in several convenient formats that reduce risk and expedite workflow for customers in select markets. Customers with an existing P-24 agreement in Texas may also place orders for title evidence through this integration for property located in more than thirty counties. The experienced and detail-oriented SearchCONNECT team collaborates with local experts, who understand market-specific nuances, to deliver the highest-quality solutions possible.

“The option to order SearchCONNECT solutions in several easy steps directly through the SoftPro 360 interface exemplifies our dedication to delivering time-saving tools that add value for our customers,” said Lisa Hinton, SearchCONNECT’s search services manager.

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