2-for-1 Sale on our Best-selling Board Game

February 8, 2021

Grab a Free Copy of Title Triumph for Your Virtual Meetings

Don’t miss the Presidents’ Day sale on ALTA’s best-selling board game: Title Triumph! For the very first time, we are offering a 2-for-1 sale on both levels of ALTA’s favorite quiz game. Grab both levels for yourself, or buy one level for your home and get a free copy for the office. Hurry: This offer is good through Feb. 28 while supplies last.

Inject a little fun into your virtual staff meetings or lunch-and-learn sessions! You can even turn Title Triumph into a team-building exercise. Use the game cards to turn any virtual meeting into a question-and-answer quiz show or have your staff play with a facilitator to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Level One includes topics such as closing and escrow, search and exam, commitments and policies and general industry knowledge. Level Two is a supplement to the original game and offers 200 additional questions but does not include a game board or pieces. One round can be completed in 45-60 mins., perfect for lunch-hour training!

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