SoftPro Integrates With Collaboration Center by Mortgage Cadence

February 4, 2021

SoftPro's 360 business exchange platform is now integrated with Collaboration Center by Mortgage Cadence.

The integration allows users of SoftPro’s closing and title automation software to link directly with Mortgage Cadence’s Collaboration Center.

Collaboration Center automates processes, exchanges documents and data, enables communication and fosters real-time interaction within a secure environment. SoftPro customers can receive the loan data no matter what loan origination system a lender may utilize without any re-keying of data. The integration also allows messages to be sent back and forth, eliminating the email inbox completely, thus reducing the chance of inadvertently exposing private customer information and decreasing the risks of phishing and wire fraud. With transaction-specific messaging, all parties can communicate internally and externally with those communications securely retained in Collaboration Center.

“SoftPro is excited to further streamline our customers’ secure sharing of data and documents with other parties who also utilize Collaboration Center,” said Patrick Hempen, SoftPro chief customer officer. “The real-time exchange of order information helps our users provide a superior level of service to their business partners, and ultimately, to their clients.”

SoftPro 360 is available as a free service to all SoftPro customers and acts as a bridge between data from SoftPro users and third-party vendors such as Mortgage Cadence.

“Connection is key to lending efficiency and automation” said Peter Espinosa, CEO of Mortgage Cadence. “We’re excited for this integration that more efficiently connects the lender and their title partners that are using SoftPro to simplify the user experience and drive automation to increase productivity.”

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