ALTA Title Insurance Segment Airs on PBS

August 27, 2019

ALTA has produced a five-minute segment titled “Protecting Property Rights” that is airing on PBS’ Spotlight On.

The five-minute segment features ALTA 2019 President Cynthia Durham Blair NTP, Realtor Kristian Bell of Brand Name Real Estate and Clint Hammond, the branch manager of the Mortgage Network. All three offer their perspective on the benefit of title insurance and why homeowners need this protection when buying a home.

The program opens with various types of homes and families. capturing the emotion of owning a home. The piece then highlights title issues, undisclosed liens and judgments, that the new homeowner is responsible for, reinforcing the need for title insurance. The video closes with families enjoying their home, reinforcing the message that no matter the type of property you buy, you make it a home. Make sure you protect your property rights with title insurance.

The segment will air for three months for a guaranteed minimum of 500 national broadcasts and at least three million in viewership. The piece will air in between regular programming. According to PBS, nearly 85 percent of all U.S. households watch public television.

Spotlight On programs are short, educational 4 shows with a guaranteed airing platform on PBS affiliates nationwide. Topics are in a broad range of areas such as travel, food, health, education, environment, finance, technology and animals. Spotlight On has aired public television for the past 25 years featuring the stories of hundreds of well-known, national associations, institutions, societies and Fortune 500 companies. Organizations such as Aetna, H&R Block, Consumer Reports, Kodak, the Council for Economic Education, NASA, National Institutes of Health, Schering-Plough, Adventures By Disney, Owens Corning and many more have all underwritten programs featuring their important issues.

You can view the segment on ALTA’s YouTube page at

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