Let’s Talk Tech at ALTA ONE

July 31, 2019

Get Ready for the Future of Title

If you haven’t been embracing change, innovation and new technologies, you’re probably struggling to catch up at this point. Am I right?

Well, Hakuna Matata, my friends! (It means “no worries” for the rest of your days… ?? ??)

ALTA ONE provides you with a forum to think creatively and seize the opportunity to adapt. It is the event for big, ready-to-use ideas.

This year, we’ve put together a slate of sessions in the ALTA ONE Innovation & Technology track that will help you bring new strategies to life when you return to your office. The sessions include:

  • Texas Title Agents are Rocking With RON: In 2018, Texas became the third state to permit RON. This session will provide a first-hand perspective on how to include RON in your operation. As RON becomes legal in your state, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from early adopters.
  • The Unexpected Benefits of Digital Closings: We often talk about how consumers and lenders can benefit from digital closings. But there’s much digital closings can bring to your company as well. In this session, learn how digital closing technology can change your workflow and improve efficiency.
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Digital Closings but Were Afraid to Ask: Have you had all of your digital closings questions answered? This session will provide a safe space for frank discussions with your peers about the realities of implementing this technology in your business.
  • How is AI Impacting Your Business Today?
  • Evaluating Technology Investments That are Right for You: AI, ML, RPA… it’s easy to get lost in the acronyms and the hype. This session will help you understand the promise and drawbacks of the latest technology solutions marketed to title companies. You will come away with a matrix to evaluate which technologies can help you grow your business and improve your customer experience.

ALTA ONE is built by people like you, for people like you. It's the only title industry event that connects leaders to swap new business concepts and practices that actually work. Don’t miss your chance to stay in our room block: Space is limited! Check out the rest of the ALTA ONE schedule here.

Oct. 22-25, 2019
Austin, Texas

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