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December 4, 2017

Your Participation is Needed in the ALTA Registry

The national ALTA Registry operates similarly to a phone book. A phone book tells you that at the time of printing, it can be confirmed that a business existed with its printed name and location(s).

The ALTA Registry establishes the ALTA ID number and contains a snapshot of information—each of your business locations may have its own ALTA ID and a confirmed listing.

The ALTA ID acts like a phone number that never changes or varies and may be used to help lenders, underwriters, and agents be certain they are working with the correct company.  Think of it this way: you may find a house you like on Zillow, but you would still call a real estate agent to see if it's still available and if the price has dropped.

The ALTA ID doesn't change the transaction process; it makes the process easier.  Once the transaction partners confirm that they are working with the right company, the rest of the transaction process will occur as it does today.

Check out this infographic explaining more about the ALTA Registry.

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