The Checkered Flag

October 12, 2017

Daniel D. Mennenoh ITP, NTP

In auto racing, an assortment of flags is used to communicate important messages to drivers, signaling everything from a pit stop to unsafe track conditions. While there is no universal system of racing flags across all of motorsports, most series have standardized them, with some flags carrying over between series. For example, the checkered flag is commonly used across all of motorsport to signify the end of a session. Green, of course, is standard for the start of a race. Yellow universally means caution and slow down.

The past year serving as your president flew by. There weren’t many yellow flags slowing the pace. I feel I was running at qualifying pace for most of the year, but as you may know, I like speed. I had the pleasure of attending 10 state land title association conventions during 2017. Discussions centered on ALTA’s strategic priorities and what businesses must do to be ready for what’s next. My wife, Merry, joined me on many trips and we had the opportunity of meeting countless wonderful people. We’ve made so many new friends. Thank you all for your hospitality and the experience.

Before we start thinking about the next race, we must acknowledge our any successes over the past year. Here’s just a small sampling:

  • Set a new membership record for the ninth consecutive year
  • Generated a record amount of TIPAC donations in 2017, while getting support from the most donors ever in a year
  • Launched the ALTA Registry, the industry’s only online, searchable database that can be used to identify title and settlement agents and real estate attorneys early in the real estate transaction
  • Developed a new set of advertisements for the growing Homebuyer Outreach Program to help members easily explain the benefits of title insurance
  • Completed the reconfiguration of all our major conferences: ALTA ONE, Advocacy Summit and ALTA SPRINGBOARD
  • Successfully developed Innovation Boot Camps, brand new meetings focused on sales and marketing for title professionals
  • Developing needed resources to provide awareness about wire transfer fraud
  • Redesigned ALTA’s print magazine, TitleNews

Like the winners of each year’s Indianapolis 500, we should take a drink of milk and savor these victories. The checkered flag may be waiving for my year as ALTA president, but you can be sure that I’ll continue to advocate for our great industry—a professional industry dedicated to protecting property rights and helping drive the economy.

The association and industry are in great hands as Steve Day NTP takes the wheel. He’s already shifted into top gear, green-lighting a program called Our Values, which ALTA members can use to enhance or develop their own identity, principles and beliefs.

My year in the driver’s seat has ended, but the call to be ready for next year has already been announced. “Drivers, start your engines!”

Daniel D. Mennenoh ITP, NTP is ALTA’s 2017 president.

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or [email protected].