Real Estate Data Shield Launches New Version of Information Security Solution

October 10, 2017

Real Estate Data Shield (REDS) launched and updated version of its compliance and information security solution.

REDS 3.0 enhances the previous version by incorporating a new 15-minute module addressing cyber fraud, wire fraud, identity theft, phishing emails, spoof emails, ransomware and social engineering attacks. By teaching staff how to identify and react to such attacks, companies can immediately mitigate emerging cyber security risks. Nearly 50 percent of all incidents are the result of employee negligence, REDS reported in a release.

REDS’s on-demand course can be completed by staff during off-peak times, thereby eliminating business disruption. Upon completion of this 45-minute interactive course, employees undergo a competency exam and are able to generate certificates evidencing their annual training and information security competency. Beyond meeting regulator, lender, and FTC/CFPB employee training requirements, the REDS employee training solution provides an enhanced compliance posture and reduces risk.

The interactive course takes learners through CFPB and OCC third-party oversight regulations, FTC/CFPB/NYS DFS privacy regulations, trending cyber-attack scenarios, teaching them the best practice techniques to identify fraudster tactics and know how to prevent attacks.

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