RamQuest Integrates With DocMagic Collaboration Portal

October 10, 2017

RamQuest Inc. announced that its Closing Market digital network is integrated with DocMagic’s SmartCLOSE, a closing collaboration portal where participants can view and exchange data prior to closing.

“With SmartCLOSE, RamQuest customers can connect to lender LOS systems,” said Tim Anderson, director of services at DocMagic. “The SmartCLOSE portal makes it easy for RamQuest settlement agents to collaborate with lenders, exchanging documents and data in real-time…but it doesn’t stop there. Our auditing engine continuously analyzes and compares any changes in values to ensure compliance of the data.”

The SmartCLOSE collaboration portal can support all documents and data, including the full mandate of the Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) requirement. This integration enables RamQuest users to collaborate on fees with their lenders and also lets them choose when to synchronize the UCD data between SmartClose and their RamQuest title production solution.

“Access to SmartCLOSE will be beneficial for our customers,” said Ben Cork, chief strategy officer at RamQuest. “This collaboration portal will not only save them time but also increase their visibility into lender documents which will help them make better business decisions.”

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