Title Source Partners with Pavaso to Offer E-closing Services

October 5, 2017

Title Source has partnered with the eClosing platform company Pavaso to simplify the mortgage closing process for homebuyers across the country.

Quicken Loans, Title Source’s sister company, introduced Rocket Mortgage in early 2016, allowing the company to digitally originate mortgages online. Title Source’s partnership with Pavaso allows Quicken Loans’ clients to finish the mortgage process the same way they started it—online.

“Our goal is to provide a closing experience that is fast and easy, both for the closing agent and the client they are helping,” said Brian Hughes, chief operating officer of Title Source. “Rather than dealing with a mountain of paperwork, a digital closing allows clients to scroll through every page of their closing package, eSigning each document as needed. Better yet, this technology can be easily scaled so clients across all 50 states are able to use it.”

Through the partnership, Title Source will offer secure and efficient e-closing solutions to its clients. This technology enables Title Source’s closing agents to utilize mobile tablets in place of the often 100 pages of paper clients would usually sign. Additionally, the Pavaso platform meets all relevant digital process standards, and provides industry-leading security to every single stakeholder in the process.

“We’ve always believed that Pavaso is the key to a fully digital closing, as it is the only provider to have mastered the complexity of lender and title agent relationships across all 50 states,” said Mark McElroy, Pavaso’s chief executive officer. “While so many companies are focused on e-closing loans in one or two states, Title Source and Quicken Loans are focused on building systems that will scale and allow closings nationwide. It is for reasons like this that we are proud to partner with the industry’s most innovative mortgage lender, and honored that Title Source and Quicken Loans have decided to work with Pavaso.”

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