First American Mortgage Solutions Named Approved Vendor for Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty Program

October 3, 2017

First American Mortgage Solutions has been named as one of a few vendors able to offer data verification for all three components of Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter (DU) validation service and Day 1 Certainty.

Through First American FraudGuard, First American Mortgage Solutions is now an authorized supplier for 4506-T tax transcript service for IRS income verification. It is also a distributor for income and employment verification, as well as asset verification.

As part of Day 1 Certainty, Fannie Mae offers income, assets and employment validation services to lenders through its mortgage underwriting system. In addition, Fannie Mae will provide freedom from representations and warranties on appraised values through Collateral Underwriter® and enhanced waivers of property inspection requirements on refinances.

“Our comprehensive verification solution provides lenders with one source to get representation and warranty relief on validated loan components from Fannie Mae,” said Kevin Wall, president of First American Mortgage Solutions. “By accessing all three reports in a streamlined workflow, lenders will benefit from greater speed and efficiency, supporting their efforts to enhance the borrower experience.”

Benefits include:

  • Single source for Day 1 Certainty through the DU validation service
  • Easy access to all three verification reports through First American FraudGuard
  • Ability to order individually or as a suite
  • Faster reviews with FraudGuard analytics and combined reporting

“We are excited to assist lenders in maximizing the value of the Day 1 Certainty program, so they can deliver more loans faster with confidence,” Wall said. “Transforming the future of the mortgage industry requires alignment across all stakeholders, and we are excited to be part of this collaboration.”

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