ProsperitasForward Releases Title Sales Training Program

September 19, 2017

ProsperitasForward has released Title123, an online, title-centric sales training program that teaches sales reps how to sell title in three actionable, and easy-to-learn modules.

The training program, described as “no fluff, no filler,” shows how to create effective plans, how to reach more people who want to buy title, how to reliably beat the competition, and how to close larger deals that make more money. Valuable for both newcomers and title sales reps who have been in the game for years, Title123 also teaches students how to continually improve and make money by selling title in the long term.

“Cookies, donuts and ‘gifts’ just won’t cut it anymore,” said Howard Turk, founder and CEO of ProsperitasForward. “To be successful today, title sales reps need to focus on good old fashioned selling. Our program is practical, relevant and focuses on basics. It teaches Title Sales reps (new or veteran) precisely what to do.”

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