ePN adds 15 Jurisdictions to E-recording Network

August 29, 2017

eRecording Partners Network (ePN) recently added 15 additional jurisdictions across the U.S. to its electronic network in June and July.  These counties, parishes and towns are located in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee and Texas. 

“Our team has been working diligently with jurisdictions nationwide in joining the ePN network,” said Jerry Lewallen, president of ePN. “ePN is excited to have a significant role in providing key solutions.  “Our solutions benefit counties of all sizes across the country.”

Network additions include:

  • Wakulla, Fla.
  • Burke, Ga.
  • Tazewell, Ill.
  • Saginaw, Mich.
  • Jackson, Miss.
  • Lafayette, Miss.
  • Butler, Mo.
  • Ste. Genevieve, M.
  • Carroll, N.H.
  • Somerset, N.J.
  • Chemung, N.Y.
  • Highland, Ohio
  • Tillamook, Ore.
  • Benton, Tenn.
  • Val Verde, Texas

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