Florida Governor Vetoes Electronic Wills Bill

June 29, 2017

On June 26, Florida’s governor vetoed a bill set to go into effect July 1 that would have allowed the use of remote technology to assist in the witnessing and notarization of wills.

In a letter, Florida Gov. Rick Scott said the concept of remote notarization is meant to provide increased access to legal services such as estate planning, but he believes HB 277 do not adequately ensure authentication of the identity of parties involved to the transactions.

“This bill has generated much debate among stakeholders who seek to find the right balance between providing safeguards to protect the will-making process from exploitation and fraud while also incorporating technological options that make wills financially accessible to a greater number of Florida’s citizens,” Scott wrote. “While the idea of electronic wills is innovative and may transform estate planning for Floridians, I believe this bill fails to strike the proper balance between competing concerns.”

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