SLK Global Unveils Single Platform for Property and Tax Reports

May 31, 2017

SLK Global Solutions, a provider of technology based solutions for the real estate and settlement services industry, announced the ability to order property searches and property tax reports from within a single integrated platform.

“Our settlement services clients regularly seek both property as well as tax reports. In the past, these were ordered from independent portals or vendors,” said Alok Datta, president of SLK Global Solutions. “Our technology enhancements will now make the entire order-to-delivery process seamless for our customers. This will decrease (vendor) coordination work for title agents, enabling them to save time and improve their production efficiency.”

Title agents and settlement companies can order various property ownership reports such as current, two owner, full search, update/loan modifications and other property reports. They can also pull tax certificates and municipal lien search reports from a single integrated platform. The upgraded dashboard gives users a real-time view on the orders placed, providing transparency and allowing quicker decision making, the company said in a release.

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