Washington Supreme Court Names Industry Veteran to Board

March 21, 2017

Bill Ronhaar, senior vice president and chief underwriting officer for Washington-based Whatcom Land Title Company Inc., was recently appointed by the Supreme Court of the State of Washington to serve a four-year term on the Limited Practice Board.

The Limited Practice Board oversees administration of, and compliance with, the Limited Practice Rule established by the Washington Supreme Court. The nine-member board is responsible for the certification and regulation of limited practice officers. A limited practice officer (LPO) is a person certified by the Washington Supreme Court to select, prepare and complete documents in a form previously approved by the Limited Practice Board for use in closing a loan, extension of credit, sale or other transfer of real or personal property.

Ronhaar, a 43-year veteran of the title insurance industry, has previously served three terms as the president of the Washington Land Title Association, and is a former chairman of ALTA’s Education Committee.

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