Qualia Adds Custom Reporting to Title Settlement System

January 26, 2017

Qualia, a provider of title settlement software, released an advanced reporting module that equips title and closing professionals with a customizable tool to analyze revenue sources, business relationships and operational efficiency.

“From our team’s background building small and large agencies, we know the challenge of maintaining and growing relationships with lenders and realtors while guaranteeing the right level of quality,” said Nate Baker, CEO of Qualia. “We built Qualia Reports to solve that problem.”

Within the “Reports” tab, Qualia users can access and create custom reports based on tasks, contacts and any of the other 4,000 pieces of data involved in the settlement transaction. The flexibility of custom reporting allows users to answer bigger questions about their business pipeline, while also identifying ways to streamline day-to-day operations. Because all the data is already housed in Qualia, reports are automatically generated and readily available to users at no additional cost.

Additionally, Qualia uses artificial intelligence to detect and notify users when they enter a contact record that is similar to a pre-existing record.

“Most title agencies have to manually merge duplicate contacts every month; it’s extremely time-consuming and prone to errors,” Baker explained. “Because Qualia automatically merges duplicate contacts, agents can finally get a simple and fast answer to what business sources are their main revenue drivers and how those sources are trending month-over-month.”

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