Segin Systems Receives ISO-27001 Certification

January 5, 2017

Segin System’s information security management system (ISMS) was certified compliant with all 114 ISO-27001 requirements by HA&W, an external independent certification authority.

The basis of this certification is the development and implementation of a security program that includes the development and implementation of an ISMS. Segin develops RyhnoLive’s patented financial management and fraud prevention system.

“The certification demonstrates to the loyal users of RynohLive that we remain committed to the protection, integrity and advancement of our client’s business needs,” said Matt Lemma, chief information officer for Segin Systems.

“Today’s cyber environment includes global threats of all kinds,” said Dick Reass, CEO and founder of Segin Systems and RynohLive, “The implementation of a robust ISMS is a strategic investment made by Segin to continue to further enhance RynohLive’s secure infrastructure.” 

Among the 114 requirements, Segin has implemented end-to-end security controls for risk management, incident management, vulnerability management and physical security. The certification includes a comprehensive analysis of a company’s policy, training, audit and measurement data.

“The ISO-27001 certification has been a total team effort. I am blessed to have an incredible team that has enabled us to attain this significant milestone,” Reass said. “This certification further enhances RynohLive’s position as the market leader in the protection of settlement funds and positions Segin Systems for growth into vertical and adjacent markets.” 

RyhnoLive and HA&W are ALTA Elite Providers.

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