Stewart Lender Services Integrates Suite of Due Diligence Tools

May 26, 2015

Stewart Lender Services announced the integration of services to create Stewart’s Due Diligence Solution Suite. This integration includes several significant enhancements to the company’s Due Diligence System (DDS), a proprietary workflow platform designed to support real estate secured transactions for new originations and seasoned loan reviews. Components include regulatory compliance assessment, valuation review and reconciliation, servicing assessment, portfolio oversight and cash-flow reconciliation. 

The addition of Stewart’s Condition Clearing Tools in the suite provides a real-time link between buyers and asset sellers to identify, clear and report upon any conditions placed upon the asset transaction. Additionally Stewart has upgraded their solution suite to incorporate the latest regulatory requirements.

“We are committed to the growth of our mortgage services offering that assists our clients in their objectives to optimize loan-quality and to support regulatory compliance,” said Jason Nadeau, CEO of Stewart Lender Services. “Through a single solutionwith Stewart, our clients have access to a trusted partner with strong expertise, industry leading technology and a robust suite of services.”

In addition to providing a suite of securitization technology, Stewart has expanded its collection of due diligence solutions through operational expansion and recent acquisitions. These solutions include:

  • Rating Agency Grading solutions to support the due diligence process and collaborate electronically with your sellers, due diligence vendors and rating agencies.
  • Comprehensive Credit Underwriting solutions supporting origination, loan sales or delinquent loan reviews
  • Title Search and Valuation solutions tailored for the due diligence and whole loan purchase market to assist you with your risk management or asset purchase decisions
  • Regulatory Review services within our solution provide for detailed and extensive reviews for regulatory compliance.
  • Non-Performing Loan Review solutions to support investors in their decision making surrounding delinquent or impaired assets.
  • Quality Control Reviews supporting pre-funding and post-funding reviews of FHA, GSE and customized review solutions to ensure the quality of each loan meets the program and regulatory guidelines.

Stewart Lender Services operates large scale service centers across the United States and maintains both near-shore and  off-shore operations from which Stewart provides loan file review and supporting detailed analytics regarding mortgage loan files to understand underwriting, collateral, legal compliance and performance history. 

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