RamQuest Expands Integration with FNTG

April 21, 2015

RamQuest Inc., a provider of title and settlement solutions for the land title industry, announced the expansion of its existing integration with Fidelity National Title Group to include closing protection letters (CPL) through the RamQuest Closing Market digital network. RamQuest’s Closing Market digital network is an application-to-application interface that electronically connects business partners allowing each participant to work from their own software.

This enhancement to the Fidelity integration allow agents direct access from their Complete Closing Enterprise and RamQuest One production solutions to order Fidelity National Title’s Closing Protection Letters. RamQuest customers have had access to electronic policy jackets as well as the ability to auto report gross premiums to Fidelity‘s accounting department with the Closing Market integration since 2014 and the addition of Closing Protection Letters will only further streamline processes.

Closing Market is RamQuest’s digital marketplace that integrates diverse software systems and gives business partners an efficient way to do business together and meet their customers’ needs. The Closing Market network allows participants to order, exchange and market products and services required in the Real Estate Closing Process.

“We are happy to see the addition of Closing Protection Letters to our Fidelity integration,” said Brooks Yeager, EVP and chief strategy officer at RamQuest. “The added convenience they bring will be a big benefit for our mutual customers.”

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