Adeptive Integrates FNTG Policy Jacket Issuance Through ResWare

March 3, 2015

Adeptive announced the integration with Fidelity National Title Group’s (FNTG) agentTRAX application for the issuance of policy jackets through ResWare. The new feature allows FNTG agents to generate policy jackets from within the ResWare platform, eliminating the need to rekey data and increasing efficiency. 

“ResWare users will benefit from this integration with auto-loading of policy jackets and numbers into both systems, reduced paper forms and rekeying errors, and the ability to retain consistent data across systems,” said Bryan Buus, president of Adeptive Software.

Key Benefits of Service(s):

  • Allows for the creation of electronic policy jackets
  • Auto reports gross premium due in connection with issued jackets to FNTG’s agency accounting department, if applicable
  • Uses transaction data already existing in orders to reduce the amount of data to enter
  • Stores the created jacket with order for future reference/reprints

“With the new integration between Fidelity’s agentTRAX and Resware, our agents will be able to work more efficiently and experience an enormous gain in productivity,” said Erika Meinhardt, president of National Agency Operations for Fidelity National Title Group.

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