Walton County, Fla., Clerk of Court Implements Landmark Recording System

February 24, 2015

The clerk of court in Walton County, Fla.,  recently selected Landmark from Pioneer Technology Group as its new system for modernizing and streamlining the County’s process of recording Official Records.

“With innovation as a main component of our organization’s core values, it is imperative that our team remains at the forefront of technology,” said Alex Alford, Walton County clerk of court. “This new software will improve the efficiency of our official records department and allow us to provide the service and products that best meet the needs of our users.”

The Landmark system provides counties with the latest recording technology, employing simple user interfaces that improve efficiency with features such as real-time productivity displays and multitasking. Additionally, the system is highly configurable, giving counties administrative control over workflow, reports, and a wide variety of system features not previously managed at a user level. Public access is improved via features that include simple document searching and e-commerce payment options, consumer fraud detection alerts, and search tools for commercial title companies.

Pioneer Technology Group is now active in 15 states.

“We’re thrilled to have been chosen by Walton County,” said Steve Rumsey, president of Pioneer Technology. “Selecting a recording system involves extensive due diligence, and with each new installation, clerks, recorders and registers share our story with their peers. We’re grateful that our reputation for system innovation, service, and superior support is growing so quickly. As a result, Landmark is repeatedly being selected as the system of choice after direct evaluation and comparison to every competing vendor and recording system in our industry.”

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