CertainSafe File Sharing Honored Receives PC Magazine Technical Excellence Award in Security

December 18, 2014

CertainSafe, a global provider of secure data security solutions, was named to PC Magazine’s  Technical Excellence Awards 2014 list in the category of Security, which features “breakthroughs that will change the future.”

The annual awards examine forward-thinking technology in several product categories that PCMag editors believe will have a major impact. PCMag is recognized as one the top leading authorities on technology, delivering labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Past recipients of the award have included game-changing technologies such as the first 386-based computer in the 1980s, Intel Pentium, Apple Power Mac G5, 802.11g-based Wi-Fi, Amazon EC2, Apple iPad, Verizon Wireless 4G LTE and Project Natal (which became the Microsoft Xbox Kinect).

PCMag reviewer Neil J. Rubenking recognized CertainSafe as an Editor’s Choice Award winner earlier this year prior to its placement in the security category of the Technical Excellence Awards.  

According to Rubenking, CertainSafe’s cloud-based service “not only encrypts your data, its MicroEncryption system scatters the encrypted bits across multiple servers. A hacker who breached the encryption on one server would get nothing but bits and pieces, useless without the other parts of the file. CertainSafe maintains PCI Level One certification and is fully HIPAA compliant.”

“If Sony and the almost daily victims of cyber-sieges had been using CertainSafe, these data breaches most likely would not be happening,” said Congressman and former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Pete Hoekstra, who joined CertainSafe’s advisory board earlier this year. “Why waste resources on costly forensic investigations into who is behind these attacks when technology exists to prevent them in the first place?”

“Data security, compliance, and control are the last remaining apprehensions of many companies moving to the cloud,” continued Hoekstra. “CertainSafe’s MicroEncryption – MicroTokenization process can remove these concerns once and for all. This is a technology unlike any other in the marketplace today, making it security that you can actually trust.”

CertainSafe’s advantage comes from its proprietary MicroTokenization technology that encrypts each file individually down to the byte level. Customers also benefit because CertainSafe’s technology and servers are maintained in-house and not outsourced. CertainSafe can secure any data type, including simple text, documents, and even top-secret files. It is the only file sharing service to offer PCI Level 1 DSS Certified data storage. As PC Magazine editor noted, CertainSafe users can store HIPAA, PCI, PFI, PHI, PII as well as other types of sensitive data that require compliance.

Other security features unique to CertainSafe include a multi-layered login process that uses personal pictures and personal phrases delivered from different servers. A randomized challenge question(s) follows the personal image to provide maximum login security.

“Cybercriminals are working around the clock to develop and unleash new threats faster than companies can react to them. Once intruders are in, they have access to virtually all of your data and records,” said Steven R. Russo, executive vice president of CertainSafe. “This is the dark side of the Internet, but it does not have to be that way. It has been repeatedly proven that ‘bulk encryption’ is not secure enough.”

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