Edina Realty Title Goes Paperless

December 4, 2014

Edina Realty Title is now offering secure electronic title documentation for the home buying and selling process.

Using its Secure Home Forms system, buyers and sellers working with Edina Realty Title will be able to securely transmit non-public personal information (NPI) needed to close on their home.

“Moving to a completely paperless process offers a significant competitive advantage, while enabling us to better serve our customers,” said Brad Fisher, president of Edina Realty Title. “The process of buying a home is so much more efficient when people can collaborate and work together using today’s paperless systems.”

Edina Realty Title said its new system eliminates the typical back and forth communication as well as the need for printers, scanners, fax machines or snail mail to transmit information. When clients select email as their preferred method of communication, they receive a link from Edina Realty Title to a website for the safe and secure transmission of personal data.

Homebuyers and sellers can read and respond to requests anywhere they have Internet access, including mobile devices. Clients’ confidential information is secured by Entrust, providing a level of security that email, mail and fax are unable to provide, according to Edina Realty Title.

The third pillar of ALTA’s Best Practices provided guidance for protecting NPI.

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