NextDeal, Title Alliance Partner to Help Agents Grow Revenue

November 25, 2014

Title Alliance, a national developer of RESPA and state compliant title affiliated business arrangements, is implementing NextDeal technology in affiliate offices nationwide. NextDeal technology is designed to increase closings and customer count by alerting the closing agency and its professional customers when past homeowner-clients are likely reentering the market.  

Robert Reich, president of NextDeal, said that the product has a high success rate growing customers’ revenues by increasing market share and helping those clients to capture repeat business. He noted that the system will help Title Alliance agents to stay competitive by tapping into a portion of the market real estate agents and lending officers struggle to reach:  return business. 

“It’s well known that many Realtors and loan officers retain very little repeat business,” Reich said. “Why? Because they’re never sure when a homebuyer will return to the market. NextDeal’s title agent customers know first when homeowners are planning to return to the market—keeping our customers ahead of their competition.”

Title Alliance Marketing Director Lindsay Smith said that Title Alliance is always seeking new ways to help its affiliates stay ahead of the competition, from compliance to sales.

“If our agents can help our affiliates and partners win market share at a time when winning new business is a real battle, it positions them as strategic partners, which is exactly where the successful settlement services firm wants to be,” Smith said. “It’s also a win for the consumer, who no longer has to hunt through stacks of paper to find his or her key mortgage documents, but rather, can access them online at any time.”

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