North American Title to Provide Identity Theft Repair Coverage to Customers

November 20, 2014

With data breaches, phishing and other computer hacks placing millions of Americans’ personal financial information at risk, North American Title Co. (NAT) is providing home buyers and sellers who close with NAT on or after Dec. 1, 2014 a year of free identity theft repair coverage.

NAT has partnered with AllClear Guarantee, which will work to restore credit and help recover losses from the identity theft after a customer calls and to report a stolen identity and provides proof of coverage. The program does not include credit or identity theft monitoring.

“We know the terrible cost to consumers who have their identity stolen, as they work with creditors and credit bureaus to repair their credit,” said Tom Fischer, NAT president. “Because we know about protecting ownership rights in homes via our title insurance policies, we wanted to provide an additional layer of protection for our valued customers.”


To gain perspective on this consumer issue, CBS News reported in July there were 10 million personal records exposed in 368 U.S. data breaches in only the first six months of 2014. The Bureau of Justice reported 16.6 million American adults experienced their personal data being used for fraudulent reasons in 2012 alone (its latest figures).

“We take our customers’ private information very seriously and provide a number of measures to safeguard it,” added Fischer. “But now, no matter where the fraud occurs, those buyers and sellers will have 12 months of access to identity repair through the AllClear Guarantee.”

The program is available to sellers and buyers, as well as those who are refinancing.

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