Lake County, Ohio Completes First E-recording with eRecording Partners Network

October 30, 2014

eRecording Partners Network (ePN) announced the submittal of the first electronic real estate documents to Lake County, Ohio. 

“Lake County is very excited to launch e-recording of real estate documents,” said Ann Radcliffe, Lake County recorder. “This efficient way to file documents will ensure recording without waiting in lines, alleviate last minute rushes to the Recorder’s office and make the documents available quicker to the public after recording.”

Lake County is Ohio’s smallest county by land area, yet the 11th largest county by population with over 230,000 people. With the addition of Lake County, 11 of the 15 largest counties in Ohio are accepting e-recording of real estate documents.  

“We welcome the addition of Lake County into the e-recording family.” said Jerry Lewallen, president of ePN.  “ePN is pleased to have been able to work with Lake County during their initial testing of eRecording.”  

The fourth pillar of ALTA’s “Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices” addresses recording procedures to ensure compliance with the settlement process. Implementing a tracking mechanism is helpful in providing a record of what documents were sent, when they were sent and method of delivery. The use of e-recording can aid in the implementation and documentation of procedures.




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