ALTA Board Approves Three Endorsements, One Policy

October 30, 2014

The ALTA Board of Governors recently approved three new endorsements and one policy during its meeting at the 2014 Annual Convention in Seattle. Public comments will be accepted until Nov. 21.

The following are the approved endorsements and form:

  • New ALTA Endorsement 36.7-06 Energy Project – Fee Estate – Owner’s Policy
  • New ALTA Endorsement 36.8-06 Energy Project – Fee Estate – Loan Policy
  • New ALTA Endorsement 45-06 Pari Passu Mortgage – Loan Policy
  • New ALTA Residential Limited Coverage Mortgage Modification Policy

Click here for an explanation about the new endorsements and forms.

The forms may be viewed on ALTA’s website under the “Recently Approved Forms” section. The forms published for comment are not final and may be modified as a result of comments received. The final versions will be published on or about Dec. 1. To submit comments, go to

Questions or comments may be emailed to Kelly Romeo, ALTA staff liaison for the Forms Committee.

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or